Why the colorful Holi is better than the bon fire Holi ?


I think the basic reason for our economic and social problems is our negative thinking. On the contrary, our neighbour Japan is just the opposite. There, every person gives more importance to the moral values. Every person looks at the life with a nationalist view and is full of gratitude.
Normally either people talk about the magnificence of ancient India or they are seen giving suggestions about the problems of modern India in Present times. For a long time I have been thinking that this is such a paradox. On the one hand we talk about being the (Vishwa guru) the masters of the world, on the other hand we find that this country is divided into 565 Dynasties. Even today we find individualistic thinking. Every person seem to be thinking only about himself. Actually if we look at the basis of social, economic and political problems we find that the biggest problem is negative thinking. Keeping this view in mind if we look at the pillars of democracy like legislature, executive, judiciary or Journalism we find that every leader is busy criticizing the other person and focuses at the weaknesses. Whether you visit the secretariat or collect orate we find that every person is busy finding excuses for not doing anything. When we look at bureaucracy we find that administrative officers who get big positions with fat salaries are given this position so that they can take decisions in favour of our country but unfortunately either these people do not allow the work to be done or they find reason to not to do the work. For their petty personal benefits they don’t mind the bigger loss of the country. We all know that passivity or pessimistic thinking never helps any country, nor does it allow the country to grow. You must have hardly heard one leader or a bureaucrat praising anyone else.
I think the basic reason for our economic and social problems is our negative thinking. On the contrary, our neighbour Japan is just the opposite. There, every person gives more importance to the moral values. Every person looks at the life with a nationalist view and is full of gratitude. No matter how many number of materialistic things we may collect, the element of our success will be prominent only if we start thinking positively. Negative thinking starts from childhood. When the child is very young, first the parents start scaring him, then the teachers scare him in the school or college where he studies. Finally the place where he works, his employers do the same thing.
Actually there are two ways of working. One is the way of fear and the other is love. Just because the path of love is little more difficult, the person has to develop himself. On the other hand path of fear is easy so people find it convenient to choose the option of scaring others. Fear gives birth to anger, worries and greed.
So, now let us look at two day festival of Holi from the emotional point of view. Day one of holi is the day where we burn are negativity into the bonfire of Holika. Holika wanted to burn Prahlad because of her anger and jealousy but actually Prahlad never got burnt. So, only that thing gets burnt which is supposed to burn not everything.

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The most effective method to Set and Achieve Smart Goals!

Would you be able to trust a shiny new year is practically around the bend! I urge you to truly take a seat and set some immense, individual objectives for 2010 and past!

Subsequent to taking around 2-3 minutes to peruse this article, take around 30 minutes to a hour and put resources into yourself and your future by doing this procedure of shrewd objective setting!

Put forth these inquiries:

On the off chance that you could accomplish anything amid the following 12 months what might it be?

Do you have to free weight?

Get your accounts all together?

Improved as a spouse, wife or understudy?

Begin another vocation?

To set truly brilliant objectives don’t simply concentrate on one region, rather I urge you to concentrate on no less than 4 or 5 key regions.

Concentrate on your:

Instructive Goals (Seek Wisdom! regardless of the possibility that you are “out” of school you gotta continue learning)

Well being/Fitness Goals (“I will walk 60 min a day 6 days seven days for whatever is left of my life!” is my own well being

Relationship Goals – (Maybe this is to improve as a father, a superior sweetheart or to revive associations with those you’ve not seen of late)

Profound Goals – (This is a range we may not consider to frequently but rather I urge you to consider this region alongside alternate territories also.)

There may be different ranges in which you craving to set objectives including: Travel Goals, Fun Goals, Finance Goals and Career Goals. Looking at this logically, in the event that you wanna do it, record it and concentrate on it! However, as you set objectives kindly bear in mind the 4 essential territories I expounded on above.

Utilize the accompanying GOAL MAPS method to set your savvy objectives.

G – Ask yourself “Where do I really want to go? Where do I really need to grow?”

O – What obstacles might stand in my way of achieving these goals? How can I overcome them?

A – What action steps are required? How will it feel when I achieve this goal?

L- What do I need to learn in order to accomplish this goal?

M – The goal must be measurable!

A – The goal must be attainable!

P – The goal must be personal!


S – The goal must be specific!

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Goal Setting

Do you have balance? What do I mean by balance? We live in a world that is made up physically and magically. On the off chance that you need to make your fantasies a reality, it is critical to balance both the physical and the supernatural. A great many people that watch or read The Secret, and were acquainted with The …Do you have balance? What do I mean by balance? We live in a world that is made up physically and supernaturally. In the event that you need to make your fantasies a reality, it is imperative to balance both the physical and the supernatural.

A great many people that watch or read The Secret, and were acquainted with The law of attraction, surmise that they can simply lounge around and contemplate or envision their dreams into reality. That is just a single some portion of the condition. Working with your vibration, coming into arrangement with the goals that you look for is a critical part on the grounds that is summons the vitality of the Universe to help you accomplish what you crave. However, the missing part that a great many people have is that you need to work in the physical world too. You need to have a craving, as well as you need to have an objective. Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the objective, you have to ensure that it is particular and quantifiable, so that when it happens, you know it. For instance, individuals say they need more cash. Alright, so on the off chance that I give you a dollar is that enough cash? Be particular! At that point you have to make an arrangement to arrive. What activity steps would you say you will take to achieve those goals?


My life partner and I are building a house together. The developerpositively wouldn’t have begun the house without a diagram. Much the same as you need a diagram to fabricate a house, or a formula to prepare a cake, you require an arrangement to move towards your objectives. You can fabricate your fantasies a ton quicker when you summon the vitality and energy of the Universe and work with The law of fascination. When you can adjust both the motivation in the otherworldly and the activity in the physical that is the point at which your fantasies turn into a reality! As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and top rated creator, Dr. sanjay biyani is the best motivational speaker, he  has helped several customers everywhere throughout the world pull in their optimal connections, cash, achievement, advancements, dream homes, and their optimal bodies.

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Career Counseling

Career, a widely used term nowadays, has a major impact on people’s life. This is so popular that you can hear this word even from kids. Although kids don’t understand the meaning of this term but they grab this word from the elders’ conversation. Well.. it is surprising to know that career is such a word which is not easy to define. But in broader terms, career is a journey of individual which creates through learning, working and developing himself.

With the vast career options, people have lots of confusion regarding the right career. It is such aspect of your life which should not be taken in casual way. If somebody has doubts regarding career then he or she should take career counseling.

Career counseling is a process of taking help in solving issues related to career. The people who undertake this task are career counselors. The role of career counselor is very considerable these days. Whether the person is looking career change or career development or career exploration or other career related issues, the career counselor will be able to guide them in the best possible manner. Even career counseling should not only focused in finding the right career but also provides you the knowledge to develop the capabilities to sharpen your skills.

Your career counselor should be the one who can help you to locate the resources of career information. He or she should be the one who can helps you in assessing your capabilities and interests. Helps you in identifying the factors that can influence your career development is also the role of career counselor. Hence, it is a challenging and complicated task. You should not be in hurry and choose wisely the right career counselor.

As these persons help people with their career choice so these should be consulted when confused about choosing any career. In fact, these days, people get guidance or counseling regarding career through media like video calls or phone sessions.

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