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70% men are addicted to hard drinks and some females are also addicted. But still girls are very powerful and majority of women do not have any such addiction.
One should be polite and humble while listening. At present Punjab is facing a very serious problem and has become a very disturbed state. The problem is addiction to drinks and that also young generation is affected the most.
Punjab was a state of heroes where people were full of enthusiasm and where people contributed maximum during freedom movement in the year 1947. What is the reason behind this drastic change inPunjab? People are helpless and watching silently this ruin of young generation. Even the songs like ‘Nashe shi chadh gayi,Patang si lar gayi” are giving very bad effect on young minds. if we visit Punjab now we will find in every house, even the heads of the family that is fathers are also suffering from same addiction as the younger one.
70% men are addicted to hard drinks and some females are also addicted. But still girls are very powerful and majority of women do not have any such addiction. Due to modernization people are teaching bad things to girls and girls are forgetting their inner strength. Young generation is very reluctant to listen to good things and adopt them. Because of temporary enjoyment of bad habits in a day one has to suffer remaining 23 hrs.
So please make a good habit of listening to good things and practice them in your life. We must get rid of bad habits effects because if we consider our life span to be 100 years due to the greed of just getting one year enjoyment we may lose happiness of remaining 99 years .
If you are asked whether you there should be examination or not promptly you will answer –“there should not be any examination.”Mind is very tricky .Mind always wants shortcut to success. If most of the people are given whether they should pray or not then majority will opt for “No Prayer. ‘But if you realize the importance of God then maximum enjoyment we can get in doing prayer. If you really want to enjoy your life then better try to enjoy in doing good things. You can get short time enjoyment even in drinks but that’s not a solution and let’s not kills ourselves.
When we connect with God then we get strength and we can differentiate between good and bad and short time pleasure and continued happiness. So we can get pleasure even in prayer and meditation.Durng meditation we connect ourselves with our soul and can feel we are divine souls. Best Motivational Speaker
Let’s now focus inside and meditate and connect ourselves with God so that we can get power and avoid evil and bring good in our lives. Repeat the mantra with proper understanding and right attitude
ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पुर्णमुदच्यते Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Purnnam-Udacyate
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते. Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्ति Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||.
You are the fullness. There is fullness, here is fullness. From the fullness, the fullness is born. Remove the fullness from the fullness and the fullness alone remains.

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The need for practical knowledge, sex education and moral values


Due to the increasing influence of social media and internet our youth has got a lot of exposure to western countries in the last decade. However, they have not received the required practical knowledge and sex education from their homes and educational institutions.
Some incidents related to harassment of Women in Jaipur and Bangalore have been in the news recently.
Usually such incidents related to harassment of women are blamed on the twisted mentality of men. But this is not always true. Many times, such incidents are also instigated by women as blackmail. The recent incident in jaipur is such an example
In the last decade, due to the increasing influence of social medial and interest our youth has got a lot of exposure to western countries. However, they have no received the required practical knowledge and sex education from their homes or educational institutions. Talking about such topics is considered to be against the Indian culture.
while we observe western culture and openness easily, we are quiet about sex education in our homes and educational institutions. Everyone seems to be overwhelmed with so much exposure and are unable to understand how to stop these incidents of sexual harassments.
It seems shameful that such incidents are happening in the land of Ram, Krishan, Buddha, Mahavir and Gandhi. The entire world is becoming a marketplace due to globalization. If we analyze the reason for this twisted mentality of the society, we’ll find that the reason is not just internet, social media or technological development but the lack of sex education and wrong parenting . Both girls and boys are exposed to western culture and openness. They are all getting influenced. If we look at the state of higher education in our universities and college, their syllabus does not include moral education. we can’t even expect them to include practical or human value based education.
If we want to safeguard our homes and our youth, we need to take steps to include sex education, practical knowledge, yoga and value based education while parenting at home. As a part of education in schools and college, we shall be able to create a healthy environment as per our great culture and tradition.
The season is changing after Lohri and Makar Sakaranti. These changes bring good opportunities. We all can take this opportunity to develop a better society based on love, harmony, equality and respect towards women, Mothers, daughters and sisters who represent love, forgiveness and human values in a society. A society which respect these value will become a happy and prosperous society.
With love, respect and best wishes,

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Why the colorful Holi is better than the bon fire Holi ?


I think the basic reason for our economic and social problems is our negative thinking. On the contrary, our neighbour Japan is just the opposite. There, every person gives more importance to the moral values. Every person looks at the life with a nationalist view and is full of gratitude.
Normally either people talk about the magnificence of ancient India or they are seen giving suggestions about the problems of modern India in Present times. For a long time I have been thinking that this is such a paradox. On the one hand we talk about being the (Vishwa guru) the masters of the world, on the other hand we find that this country is divided into 565 Dynasties. Even today we find individualistic thinking. Every person seem to be thinking only about himself. Actually if we look at the basis of social, economic and political problems we find that the biggest problem is negative thinking. Keeping this view in mind if we look at the pillars of democracy like legislature, executive, judiciary or Journalism we find that every leader is busy criticizing the other person and focuses at the weaknesses. Whether you visit the secretariat or collect orate we find that every person is busy finding excuses for not doing anything. When we look at bureaucracy we find that administrative officers who get big positions with fat salaries are given this position so that they can take decisions in favour of our country but unfortunately either these people do not allow the work to be done or they find reason to not to do the work. For their petty personal benefits they don’t mind the bigger loss of the country. We all know that passivity or pessimistic thinking never helps any country, nor does it allow the country to grow. You must have hardly heard one leader or a bureaucrat praising anyone else.
I think the basic reason for our economic and social problems is our negative thinking. On the contrary, our neighbour Japan is just the opposite. There, every person gives more importance to the moral values. Every person looks at the life with a nationalist view and is full of gratitude. No matter how many number of materialistic things we may collect, the element of our success will be prominent only if we start thinking positively. Negative thinking starts from childhood. When the child is very young, first the parents start scaring him, then the teachers scare him in the school or college where he studies. Finally the place where he works, his employers do the same thing.
Actually there are two ways of working. One is the way of fear and the other is love. Just because the path of love is little more difficult, the person has to develop himself. On the other hand path of fear is easy so people find it convenient to choose the option of scaring others. Fear gives birth to anger, worries and greed.
So, now let us look at two day festival of Holi from the emotional point of view. Day one of holi is the day where we burn are negativity into the bonfire of Holika. Holika wanted to burn Prahlad because of her anger and jealousy but actually Prahlad never got burnt. So, only that thing gets burnt which is supposed to burn not everything.

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Get up And Grab The “Oar”

It is not what transpires, but rather how we respond that represents the deciding moment us. Life tosses things at us when we wouldn’t dare hoping anymore, things are awesome, others are troublesome.

It is interesting to watch the distinction in people groups’ responses and how a few people can discover great in fundamentally anything, a silver coating in each cloud.

Others go into disrepair when troublesome conditions emerge, trusting they are being exploited and demonstrating little imperiousness to the current circumstance.


Note that the constructive individuals are not the ones who spout inspiration throughout the day and night, going over the top about existence and how magnificent it treats them.

That is only a stage too far, I’m discussing realists who experience their day with a glass half full approach, picking not to tumble down when things don’t go to arrange or a curveball takes off before them when minimum anticipated.

We’d all adoration to be this way and here’s the way how. We have to get up and snatch the OAR. “What the hell does that mean?” you may inquire. All things considered, I was demonstrated an acronym at a course as of late and I observed it to be most capable and savvy device I had gone over in quite a while.

We all have days when we wake up and want the day to be over, believing that it’s going to go from bad to worse. That’s the day when we get soaked in the rain, forget the mobile, are late for work and seem to have one problem after another when we do get there.

This we can name a red light day. Then there are green light days when we wake up energized and positive, the sun shines and we are productive in work with next to no hiccups.

To be glad in life our objective ought to be to live a greater amount of life over the line. This makes life less demanding, and gives an individual flexibility. The best approach to do this is to pose a couple of inquiries.

* Am I searching for somebody to fault when things don’t go to arrange?

* Am I rationalizing?

* What avocations am I utilizing to get me free?

* What am I trying to claim ignorance about and what is truly occurring here?

Be straightforward with yourself regardless of the possibility that it is difficult. You have to uncover your underneath the line practices and take a gander at what parts of your life they are influencing.

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