The need for practical knowledge, sex education and moral values


Due to the increasing influence of social media and internet our youth has got a lot of exposure to western countries in the last decade. However, they have not received the required practical knowledge and sex education from their homes and educational institutions.
Some incidents related to harassment of Women in Jaipur and Bangalore have been in the news recently.
Usually such incidents related to harassment of women are blamed on the twisted mentality of men. But this is not always true. Many times, such incidents are also instigated by women as blackmail. The recent incident in jaipur is such an example
In the last decade, due to the increasing influence of social medial and interest our youth has got a lot of exposure to western countries. However, they have no received the required practical knowledge and sex education from their homes or educational institutions. Talking about such topics is considered to be against the Indian culture.
while we observe western culture and openness easily, we are quiet about sex education in our homes and educational institutions. Everyone seems to be overwhelmed with so much exposure and are unable to understand how to stop these incidents of sexual harassments.
It seems shameful that such incidents are happening in the land of Ram, Krishan, Buddha, Mahavir and Gandhi. The entire world is becoming a marketplace due to globalization. If we analyze the reason for this twisted mentality of the society, we’ll find that the reason is not just internet, social media or technological development but the lack of sex education and wrong parenting . Both girls and boys are exposed to western culture and openness. They are all getting influenced. If we look at the state of higher education in our universities and college, their syllabus does not include moral education. we can’t even expect them to include practical or human value based education.
If we want to safeguard our homes and our youth, we need to take steps to include sex education, practical knowledge, yoga and value based education while parenting at home. As a part of education in schools and college, we shall be able to create a healthy environment as per our great culture and tradition.
The season is changing after Lohri and Makar Sakaranti. These changes bring good opportunities. We all can take this opportunity to develop a better society based on love, harmony, equality and respect towards women, Mothers, daughters and sisters who represent love, forgiveness and human values in a society. A society which respect these value will become a happy and prosperous society.
With love, respect and best wishes,

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