Devotion is the source of Completeness


Devotion is essential for every human being. This is the most important part of an individual’s life because it makes him free from all his guilt, frustration, sorrows and irritation. Devotion is the only thing that helps an individual to meet his own self. Devotion makes our thoughts unite with others as well as with the supreme energy. Unity is the most important part of human life. We can be united and be complete in our lives only through this pious act. There is a lot of input of information in our lives but hardly, it is used because the information gets stuck at a certain level of our thoughts. What career we choose after 12th graduation

For the best use of knowledge, there is the need of continuous flow of knowledge, where input and output should be balanced to keep the life smooth. Women are more devoted living beings on the earth. They are grateful towards God and they possess a pure heart. Meera from Merta city was the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna who in every negative situation came closer to God. We can learn a lot from this great devotion of Meera. Let’s show our gratitude towards nature and the ultimate power through this pious Mantra:
Mukund Madhava Govind Bol,
Keshav Madhava Hari Hari Bol
Let’s unite ourselves with the universe and chant this Mantra to make our hearts pure. It is very important to understand and imbibe the meaning of this Mantra.

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